Department of Computer Sciences
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Human Information Interaction

Investigates all aspects of information usage by humans. Research focus varies for information seeking behavior, Information Interaction Techniques, Storage and Retrieval models/frameworks for structured and unstructured information, and information services for human information needs.

Knowledge Engineering

Focuses on analyze of data, metadata and knowledge using supervised and unsupervised mining algorithms. The target areas will be software architecture, web services and overlay networks. The main goal is to process related and uncorrelated facts and extract meaningful contextual knowledge for quality decision making.

Networking and Communication

This group investigates the applied aspects in the domains of networking, communication, security and privacy. The research group focuses on a number of areas including but not limited to computer networks, distributed systems, mobile Agent-based distributed systems, routing protocols, peer-to-peer computing, security and privacy, intrusion and anomaly detection systems, data leakage prevention, computer criminology, key management schemes, trust management, internet of Things, smart homes and smart cities, pervasive computing, wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, architectural, efficiency, security and privacy issues, distributed web services, security & privacy issues in web 2.0, performance issues in web services, trust in learning management systems, formal modeling and analysis, statistical modeling, social network analysis, and structural and behavior modeling and analysis of distributed protocols and systems.