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Syed Muhammad Naqi

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📯 Room # 212, Dept. of Computer Science,
     Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Research Publications


  1. Syed Muhammad Naqi, Muhammad Sharif, Arfan Jaffar (2020) “Lung Nodule Detection and Classification based on Geometric Fit in Parametric Form and Deep Learning,” Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 32, pp. 4629-4647, (Impact Factor: 5.76)
  2. Syed Muhammad Naqi, Muhammad Sharif, Ikram Ullah Lali (2019) "A 3D nodule candidate detection method supported by hybrid features to reduce false positives in lung nodule detection," Multimedia Tools and Applications, vol. 78(18), pp. 26287-26311, (Impact Factor: 2.1)
  3. Syed Muhammad Naqi, Muhammad Sharif, Mussarat Yasmin, (2018) “Multistage Segmentation Model and SVM-Ensemble for Precise Lung Nodule Detection,” International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 13(7) 1083-1095 (Impact Factor: 2.15)
  4. Syed Muhammad Naqi, Muhammad Sharif, Mussarat Yasmin, Steven Lawrence Fernandes (2018) “Lung Nodule Detection Using Polygon Approximation and Hybrid Features from Lung CT Images”, Current Medical Imaging Reviews, 14, no. 1 108-117 (Impact Factor: 0.53)
  5. Syed Muhammad Naqi and Muhammad Sharif (2017) "Recent Developments in Computer Aided Diagnosis for Lung Nodule Detection from CT images: A Review." Current Medical Imaging Reviews, 13, no. 1 3-19. (Impact Factor: 0.53)


  1. Qurat-ul-Ain, Irfan Mehmood, Syed M. Naqi and M. Arfan Jaffar, (2010),"Bayesian Classification Using DCT Features for Brain Tumor Detection", Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, LNCS, Volume 6276/2010, p.p. 340-349.

BS/MSc Projects Supervised

  1. Faisal Saleem, "Car Game for Mobile using J2ME", 2006
  2. Awais Masood, "Customer Relationship Management", 2006
  3. Sarfraz Aslam, "Electronics Equipment Inventory Seeker", 2006
  4. Muhammad Faiyaz, "Advcom VOIP Rating & Billing System", 2006
  5. Tehseen Abul Hassan, "Land Mine Detecting Robot", 2006
  6. Rifat Mehmood Satti, "IVR Through Dialogic Card", 2006
  7. Atiq-ur-Rehman, "Online Sale Purchase Business Monitoring via PDA System", 2007
  8. Latifullah, "Smart Safe (Backup and Restore Application for Windows CE)", 2007
  9. Asif Rafiq, "Network Resource Information and Management System", 2007
  10. Shafqat Mehmood, "Advance Spam Filter", 2007
  11. Asif Saleem, "Call State Control Server", 2007
  12. Sana Ghaffar, "Call Stat Application Server", 2007
  13. Mansoor-ul-Haq, "Asynchronous Implementation of Radius Server", 2007
  14. Yawar Hadi, "Diameter Server", 2007
  15. Tahir Mehmood Abbasi, "HT-Network", 2008
  16. Farina Riaz, "WLCG Log Analyzer and Recovery Tool", 2008
  17. Muhammad Ahsan, "Health Monitoring and Error Recovery System for WLCG Grid", 2008
  18. Qamar Ali, "Lead Management System 2009
  19. Muhammad Javeed, "Auto Tester: Test-Path Generation Tool for White Box Testing", 2010
  20. Waqas Saleem Khan, "Graph Algorithms Visualization Tool", 2010
  21. Fawad Khaliq, "Digital Map Generation Tool", 2010
  22. Fazal Elahi, "Interactive Algorithm Visualization Tool", 2010
  23. Suleman Mubarik, "Web-based Sale and Purchase Management Information System", 2010
  24. Ali Raza, "Image Watermarking in Social Environment", 2011
  25. Hunny Tufail, "The Event Planner", 2011
  26. Syed Jawad Haider, "Online Students Testing System", 2011
  27. Shafaqat Ali, "Event Synchronization", 2012
  28. Muhammad Ayaz, "Online Ambulance Tracking System", 2012
  29. Mirza Sanam Iqbal, "Garden Quist", 2013
  30. Muhammad Islam, "Traffic Sign Training Simulator", 2013
  31. Ahmed Fraz-ud-Din, "Local Transport Guide for Rawalpindi and Islamabad", 2013
  32. Shekeeb Mushtaq, "Personal Shopping Management System", 2013
  33. Muhammad Umer, "Person Identification Application", 2014
  34. Saima Latif, "QAU Online Election System", 2014
  35. Danish Ali, "Cheema CCTV Footage Enhancement Tool", 2018
  36. Muhammad Ali, "Image Segmentation Visualizer", 2018
  37. Aon Abbas, "Track Finder and Analyzer App", 2019
  38. Arslan Arif, "Smart Gallery: Visual Image Search in Android via Machine Learning", 2019
  39. Natasha Javeed, "MedDelivery: A Delivery and Scheduling Android Application", 2019
  40. Tehreem Sarwar, "Haazir Mechanic", 2020

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