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Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui

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Tenured Associate Professor

Ph.D Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam, The Netherlands
MSc Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
HEC Approved Supervisor

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☎ +92-51-9064-2058
📯 Room # 228, Dept. of Computer Science,
     Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Research Interests


Research Publications


  1. Maha Saddal, Umer Rashid, Akmal Saeed Khattak and Ghazanfar Farooq. ISRE-Framework: nonlinear and multimodal exploration of image search result spaces. Multimed Tools and Applications . IF [2.1] Online
  2. Saqib Iqbal, Lal Hussain ,Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui ,Mir Aftab Ali, Faisal Mehmood But, Mahnoor Zaib. Image Enhancement Methods on Extracted Texture Features to Detect Prostate Cancer by Employing Machine Learning Techniques. Waves in Random and Complex Media . IF [4.83] Online
  3. Naseer S, Minhas Q, Saleem K, Siddiqui GF, Bhatti N, Mahmood H. 2021. A game theoretic power control and spectrum sharing approach using cost dominance in cognitive radio networks. PeerJ Computer Science 7:e617. IF [2.98] Online
  4. Tanveer Ul Haq, Tariq Shah, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Ibrahim A. Hameed and Huma Jamil . IMPROVED TWOFISH ALGORITHM: A DIGITAL IMAGE ENCIPHERING APPLICATION. IEEE Access 2021(Accepted). IF [3.745] Online
  5. Muhammad Tanveer, Tariq Shah, Amjad Rehman,Asif Ali, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Tanzila Saba, and Usman Tariq . Multi-Images Encryption Scheme Based on 3D Chaotic Map and Substitution Box. IEEE Access 2021. IF [3.745] Online
  6. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui: MFCC and Machine Learning Based Speech Emotion Recognition on TESS and IEMOCAP Datasets. Foundation University Journal of Engineering and Applied Science (FUJEAS)Vol 1 No 2(2021) . HEC Recognized Journal Online
  7. Sadaf Hussain Janjua,Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Muddassar Azam Sindhu, and Umer Rashid: Multi-level aspect based sentiment classification of Twitter data: using hybrid approach in deep learning. PeerJ Computer Science(2021). IF[3.09] Online Online
  8. Saqib Iqbal, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui ,Amjad Rehman , Lal Hussain , Tanzila Saba , Usman Tariq and Adeel Ahmed Abbasi. Prostate Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning and Traditional Techniques. IEEE Access 2021. IF [3.745] Online
  9. Tariq Shah, Asif Ali, Majid Khan, Ghazanfar Farooq, Antonio Aparecido de Andrade: Galois Ring GR (2^3,8) Dependent 24 × 24 S Box Design: An RGB Image Encryption Application. Wireless Personal Communications (113, pages1201–1224(2020). IF[1.061] Online
  10. Muhammad Umair Mushtaq, Ameena Iqbal, Ismat Nawaz, Cyrus Raza Mirza, Sohail Yousaf, Ghazanfar Farooq, Muhammad Arif Ali, Aqib Hassan Ali Khan, Mazhar Iqbal: Enhanced uptake of Cd, Cr, and Cu in Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don by Bacillus cereus : application of moss and compost to reduce metal availability. Environmental Science and Pollution Research volume 27, pages39807–39818 (2020). IF [3.056]Online
  11. Sajid Ali, Shafaqat Ali, Ismail Shah, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Tanzila Saba, Amjad Rehman: Reliability Analysis for Electronic Devices Using Generalized Exponential Distribution. In IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 108629-108644, (2020). IF [3.745]. Online
  12. Tariq Shah, Tanveer Ul Haq, Ghazanfar Farooq: Improved SERPENT Algorithm: Design to RGB Image Encryption Implementation. In IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 52609-52621, 2020 (2020). IF [3.745]. Online
  13. Hajira Haroon, Jehanzeb Ali Shah, Muhammad Saqib Khan, Tatheer Alam, Romana Khan, Saeed Ahmad Asad, Muhammad Arif Ali, Ghazanfar Farooq, Mazhar Iqbal, Muhammad Bilal: Activated carbon from a specific plant precursor biomass for hazardous Cr (VI) adsorption and recovery studies in batch and column reactors: Isotherm and kinetic modeling. Journal of Water Process Engineering volume (38) (2020). IF [3.465] . Online
  14. Aisha Liaqat, Muddassar Azam Sindhu, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui: Metamorphic Testing of an Artificially Intelligent Chess Game. In IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 174179-174190, 2020. IF [3.745] Online
  15. Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Zafar Iqbal, Khalid Saleem, Zafar Saeed, Adeel Ahmed, Ibrahim A. Hameed, Muhammad Fahad Khan. A Dynamic Three-Bit Image Steganography Algorithm for Medical and e-Healthcare Systems. In IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 181893-181903, 2020. IF [3.745] Online
  16. Naveed Aftab, Kanza Saleem, Aqib Hassan Ali Khan, Tayyab Ashfaq Butt, Cyrus Raza Mirza, Jamshaid Hussain, Ghazanfar Farooq, Ayesha Tahir, Sohail Yousaf, Mazhar Iqbal Zafar, Ismat Nawaz, and Mazhar Iqbal. Cosmos sulphureus Cav. is more tolerant to lead than copper and chromium in hydroponics system. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (JEST) 2020. IF [2.54] Online
  17. Nazli Sanam, Asif Ali, Tariq Shah, Ghazanfar Farooq. Non-Associative Algebra Redesigning Block Cipher with Color Image Encryption CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua 2020. IF [4.89] Online
  18. Syeda Mahnoor Ali, Fatima Malik, Muhammad Shehzaib Anjum, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Muhammad Naveed Anwar, Su Shiung Lam, Abdul-Sattar Nizami, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar. Exploring the linkage between PM2.5 levels and COVID-19 Spread and its implications in socio-economic circles. Environmental research 2020. IF [5.7] Online.
  19. Fasiha Safdar, Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Muhammad Imad Ud Din, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Waleed Khattak. Spatial trends of maximum and minimum temperatures in different climate zones of Pakistan by exploiting ground-based and space-borne observations. International Journal of Global Warming 2020. IF [0.78]Online.
  20. Iram Tariq, Mudassir Sandhu, Rabeeh Ayaz Abbasi, Akmal Saeed Khattak, Onaiza Maqbool, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui. Resolving Cross-site Scripting Attacks through Genetic Algorithm and Reinforcement Learning. Expert System with Applications 2020. IF [5.452] Online
  21. Malik A, Butt TA, Naqvi STA, Yousaf S, Qureshi MK, Zafar MI, Farooq G, Nawaz I and Iqbal M. (2020). Lead tolerant endophyte Trametes hirsuta improved the growth and lead accumulation in the vegetative parts of Triticum aestivum L. Heliyon. Volume (6), e04188. (2020). Online
  22. Tariq Shah, Sadia Medhit, Ghazanfar Farooq: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Set Decision Criterion for Selecting Appropriate Block Cipher. 3D Research (springer). 6(32). 2015 Online
  23. Johan F. Hoorn, Matthijs Pontier, Ghazanfar F. Siddiqui: Coppélius' concoction: Similarity and complementarity among three affect-related agent models. Cognitive Systems Research 15: 33-49 (2012). IF [1.902] Online
  24. Tibor Bosse, S. Waqar Jaffry, Ghazanfar F. Siddiqui, Jan Treur: Comparative analysis of agent-based and population-based modelling in epidemics and economics. Multiagent and Grid Systems 8(3): 223-255 (2012) Online


  1. Integrative Modelling of Emotions in Virtual Agents, Doctoral Thesis (Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui), Vrije Universitiet Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2010 Online


  1. Umar Aftab, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui., Big Data Augmentation with Data Warehouse: A Survey. In (4th International Workshop on Methodologies to Improve Big Data Projects) the Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2018.pp 2774-2783.978-1-5386-5035-6/18/$31 ©2018 IEEE  Online
  2. Tariq Shah, Tanveer ul Haq, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui. Serpent Algorithm: An improvement by 4 × 4 S-box from finite Chain ring. In International Conference on Applied and Engineering Mathematics, ICAE 2018.PP 32-37. Online
  3. Saqib Iqbal, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Zafar Iqbal; Modelling Trust Developing Procedure between Pet and Owner, in 14th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies, ICET 2018. Online
  4. Zafar Iqbal, Saqib Iqbal, Mubashar Mushtaq, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Khalid Saleem. GLCM based Skin Diseases Classification using Texture Features in 31st International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, CAINE 2018 ISBN: 978-1-5108-7125-0
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Funded Projects

  1. Problematic Smartphone Use and Mental Health Issues among Adolescents and Young adults: A Randomized Control Intervention Program(Funded by HEC 2022). PKR 4.13 million (On going)
  2. Improvements in Crypto Algorithms (Funded by HEC). PKR 2.98 Million (Completed)

PhD Students Under my Supervision

  1. Zafar Iqbal
  2. Saqib Iqbal
  3. Asif Hussain
  4. Sadaf Hussain Janjua

MPhil/MS Theses Supervised

  1. Zahur Ahamd, "Unsupervised Extraction of Data from Semi-Structured Web Pages", 2014
  2. Khaistah Khan, "Modelling and Simulation of Voter’s Behavior", 2014
  3. Nasir Iqbal, "Tuple Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Tamper Detection", 2014
  4. Zulqarnain, "Modelling Motivational Behaviour of Employees on the Basis of their Characteristics", 2015
  5. Alamdar Hussain Bhatti, "A Computational Model Showing Effect of Sensory Pre Conditioning During Dream Generation", 2016
  6. Muhammad Awais Amjad, “Web Services Composition with Recovery Policy Attribute Using Genetic Algorithm", 2018
  7. Umar Aftab, “Comparison and Evaluation between ETL and data Wrangling open source Tools: exploring self-data preparation opportunities", 2018
  8. Syeda Mahnoor Komel, "Missing Value Imputation Based on Missingness Patterns Using Existing Techniques", 2019
  9. Umer Naeem, "An Efficient Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm with Reduced Database", 2019
  10. Sadaf Hussain Janjua, "Multi-level Aspect Based Sentiment Classification of Twitter Data: Using Hybrid Approach in Deep Learning", 2020
  11. Kiran Manzoor, "Influence Maximization Using Centrality in Signed Networks", 2021
  12. Hafsa Sohail,"Prediction of Chlorophyll Content in Spinach Leaves Using Deep Learning Model", 2021
  13. Ikram Ullah Khan,"Discovering Business Process and Evaluation Based On Process Mining for Oil Refinery Quality Assurance Processes", 2021
  14. Zubair Ali,"Design and Fabrication of a UV-C Sanitization System for Covid-19 Disinfection", 2021
  15. Maroof Ishaque, "Hyper-Tuned CNN model accompanied by Bi-Directional LSTM for Human Activity Recognition", 2021
  16. Ikram Ullah Khan Niazi, "Ranking of Universities based on Graduate Employability using LinkedIn Data", 2021

BS/MSc Projects Supervised


  1. Arzoo Wajid, "ACTI-CULT CORPS ", 2020
  2. Farwa Mehmood, "QAU Navigation and Assistance application", 2019
  3. Ayesha Monim, "Identification of Plants", 2020
  4. Irum Zareen, "Waste Management Application", 2020
  5. Rimsha Nasir, "LET’S PARK, A car parking suggestion Application", 2019
  6. Ibra Noor, "Disease and Guidance", 2019
  7. Mashal Farooq, "Pak Ads Serverr", 2018
  8. M Imran Lashari, "University Website evaluation system: using opinion mining”,2018
  9. M Sabahat Gulbaz, "Student Performance Analyzer System”, 2018
  10. Somia Khanam, "Event Notification Application”, 2018
  11. Ahsan Shafi, "Candidate Selection System Through CV Analyzer", 2018
  12. Nabeela Khan, "Best Doctor Finder Application ", 2018
  13. Saira Khaliq Butt, "Security Provider Application ",2018
  14. Shazeel Zain Iqbal, "Student Social Media", 2018
  15. Ahsan shafi, "Candidate Selection System through CV analysis", 2018
  16. Syed Ahmad Quraishi, "QAU Admission Enquiry System",2018
  17. Javeria Javed, "Online Job Portal System",2018
  18. M Hmaid Iqbal, "Process Synchronization Library", 2017
  19. M. Hassan Jamal, "Online Teaching Management System" ,2017
  20. Saad Kamal, "Bank Queries (loan, Investment) using Chat Bot" , 2017
  21. Hadeeqa Rauf, "Restaurant Management App ", 2016
  22. Ambreen Akhtar, "Flow Chart to C++ Code Generation", 2015
  23. Sadia Asghar, "Meeting Planner",2015
  24. Sidra Arshad, "Dress Designer Tool", 2015
  25. Touqeer Ahmad, "Student Management System for Clearance Automation",2015
  26. Zeenat Iqbal, "Presentation Assistant", 2015
  27. Sehrash Awan, "Medicine Prescription System", 2015
  28. Naeem Server, "Disease Diagnostic System", 2014
  29. Muhammad Nouman, "Cab Hiring System", 2013
  30. Hera Malik, "QAU Hostel Management System", 2013
  31. Haris Sohail, "E-Shopping Made Easy using a Virtual Character", 2013
  32. Jabir Hussain Shah, "Online Group Study Forum", 2012
  33. Danish Niaz Malik, "Mezan Boiler Inventory System", 2012
  34. Shoaib Ahmad, "A Website Populated by Intelligent Virtual Agent", 2011
  35. Sikander Zaman Abbasi, "Learning for Kids", 2011

Professional Activities

Community Services

  1. External Examiner for BS/MS thesis viva at various HEC recognized Universities
    • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
    • Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST).
    • Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (University Institute of Information Technology)
    • National Textile University Faisalabad
  2. Part of Review Panel of Scientific Journals
    • PeerJ Computer Science
    • Soft Computing
    • IEEE Access
  3. Part of Review Panel of various International Conferences held within Pakistan

Academic Administrative Activities