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MSc (Computer Science)

The overall aim of M.Sc. Computer Science is to develop in the students the ability to construct reliable software products by applying sound scientific, management and engineering principles. During the M.Sc. students will be exposed to current and future issues affecting the development of computer-based systems. The requirement of the degree programme is completion of 60 credits in at least four semesters. Each course is of 3 credits except the project (6 credits). The remaining 15 credits could be earned by taking 3 optional courses and project for specialization. Students having acquired 60 credits of study will be awarded the M.Sc. degree along with a transcript which identifies the courses studied.

First Semester

  • CS-301: Computer Systems
  • CS-302: Introdcution to Computing Theory
  • CS-303: Rapid Application Development
  • CS-304: Human Aspects of Computing
  • CS-305: Problem solving and Programming

Second Semester

  • CS-351: Computer Architecture   Pre-Req:CS-301
  • CS-352: Data structures and Algorithms   Pre-Req:CS-305
  • CS-353: Database Design   Pre-Req:CS-303
  • CS-354: Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CS-355: Object Oriented Programming   Pre-Req:CS-305

Third Semester

  • CS-401: Computer Communications and Networks   Pre-Req:CS-351
  • CS-402: Operating Systems   Pre-Req:CS-352
  • CS-434: Software Engineering Practicum  
  • CS-452: Analysis and Design of Algorithms   Pre-Req:CS-352
  • CS-455: Computer Graphics   Pre-Req:CS-305

Fourth Semester

  • CS-499: Project   Pre-Req:CS-404

Optional Courses

  • CS-356: Theory of Automata   Pre-Req:CS-302
  • CS-357: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS-359: Comparative Study of Programming Languages
  • CS-403: Information Systems  Pre-Req:CS-353
  • CS-455: Software Testing Techniques
  • CS-462: Discrete System Simulation   Pre-Req:CS-452
  • CS-463: Expert Systems   Pre-Req:CS-453
  • CS-464: Neural Networks  Pre-Req:CS-453
  • CS-465: Compiling Techniques  Pre-req: CS-352 CS-355
  • CS-471: Theory of Programming  Pre-Req:CS-355
  • CS-472: Information Theory  Pre-Req:CS-401
  • CS-473: Multimedia Applications and Design  Pre-req: CS-404 & CS-454
  • CS-474: Human Computer Interaction   Pre-Req:CS-304
  • CS-475: Electronic Documents   Pre-Req:CS-353
  • CS-478: Web Technologies
  • CS-481: Mobile Computing Systems
  • CS-482: Web Engineering
  • CS-485: Introduction to Semantic Web
  • CS-486: Emerging Trends in Software Development
  • CS-487: Enterprise Information Infrastructure
  • CS-488: Software Entrepreneurship
  • CS-490: Software Project Management
  • CS-491: Real Time Systems   Pre-req:CS-402
  • CS-493: Concurrent Programming   Pre-Req:CS-402
  • CS-498: Social Issues in Information Technology
  • CS-497: Computing Case Studies   Pre-req: CS-404
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