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MS (Information Science & Technology)


In today's Information Society, expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, and education. The main aim of MS programme in Information Science & Technology (IST) is to design and develop information related applications using information technology by understanding relationship between digital information, people and technology. The MS programme intends to bring together Computer Science and collaborative environment of how people and society interact with digital information

MS(Information Science & Technology) Part Time (with 6 credit hours per semester)

Quaid-i-Azam University is keen to serve the community and is providing an opportunity to those who are working in the related fields and may not be able to attend a full time post graduate programme. Classes will be held in the evening after 5PM. By getting admission in the programme applicants will not only improve their qualifications but will be equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques in the field of information studies


M.Sc.(Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology) or 4 years BS (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology) with experience in digital information management

Fee Structure

Fees & Dues (One Time) 25,974
1. Admission Fee 5940
2. Registration Fee 5544
3. Identity Card 290
4. Library Security (Refundable) 5280
5. Departmental Security (Refundable) 5280
6. Verificaiton fee of the documents 2640
7. Trasport Development Fund 1000
Per Semester (with 2 courses) 45,286
1. Tuition Fee for 2 courses 39600
2. Student Welfare Fund 594
3. Sports Charges 792
4. Library Charges 1056
5. Computer & Internet Charges 1000
6. Terminal Examination Fee 2244
Total Fee in First Semester 71,260


MS programme consists of 30 credit hours. Each course is of 3 credit hours and there are 2 compulsory courses and a number of optional courses.

MS(Information Science & Technology) programme with 2 options:

  1. 24 credit hours for the course work and 6 credit hours for project/thesis
  2. 30 credit hours for the course work

Compulsory Courses

  • IST-611: Human and Information Interaction
  • IST-631: Web Services

Optional Courses

  • IST-620: Trends in Information Resources
  • IST-621: Designing Usable Information Services
  • IST-650: Web Science
  • IST-651: Intelligent Information Systems
  • IST-652: Social and Organizational Issues of Information  
  • IST-655: Economics and Business in the Web
  • IST-660: Research Methods  
  • IST-670: Evaluation of Information Services
  • IST-672: e-Government  
  • IST-673: Multimedia Technology (CS-673) 
  • IST-675: Information Retrieval Systems (CS-675)
  • IST-677: World Wide Web and Society (CS-677) 
  • IST-773: Semantic Web (CS-773) 
  • IST-774: HCI Models (CS-774) 
  • IST-775: Digital Libraries (CS-775)
  • IST-776: Enterprise Architecture (CS-776) 
  • IST-778: Ontology Design and Development (CS-778) 
  • IST-785: Selected Topics in Information Science & Technology
  • IST-821: Design for Usability (CS-821)
  • IST-822: Modeling of Web Information Systems (CS-822) 
  • IST-827: Social Network Analysis (CS-827)
  • IST-831: Multimedia Retrieval Techniques (CS-831)
  • IST-832: Information Security  
  • IST-833: Information Privacy and Access Control (CS-833)
  • IST-834: Multimedia Communications (CS-834)
  • IST-835: Ubiquitous Information Interaction (CS-835)
  • IST-841: Metadata for Information Resources (CS-832)
  • IST-852: Information Architecture (CS-852)
  • IST-861: Information Visualization and Presentation (CS-861)
  • IST-862: Accessibility of Interactive Systems (CS-862)
  • IST-866: P2P-based Information retrieval (CS-866)
  • IST-871: Digital Preservation (CS-871)
  • IST-872: Mining Massive Datasets (CS-872)
  • IST-875: Online Social Networking Systems: Technological Perspective (CS-875)
  • IST-876: Social Media Content Analysis (CS-876)
  • IST-881: Visual analytics (CS-881)
  • IST-780: Project/Thesis (6 credits)
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